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When is a Doggie Bag Appropriate?

While traveling on an extended Sports Leisure tour, often times (because of our smaller groups), we are eating off the menu, giving travelers a wide variety of dining choices. Other times we have a plated meal, served to us at the table. A third common option is a buffet, where the bounty is plentiful.

Some travelers have asked, “When is it appropriate to ask for a box for your leftovers?” 

Eating off the Menu – This is an option extended by few tour companies to their travelers. Why? People tend to order 20-30% more when they know they aren’t getting out their credit card at the end of the meal. Other tour operators marvel at our ability to allow “order off the menu.” It works because most Sports Leisure Travelers don’t go hog wild. You are fair. Thankfully, our travelers don’t have a “stick it to the tour company” attitude. That’s the biggest reason we can give you so much freedom when traveling.

Please keep in mind –  When you are ordering off the menu, it is not appropriate to order something extra to-go. Unless it’s leftover from your main entrée, to-go is not appropriate.

Plated Meals with limited choices or set menus – In this case, it is always ok to ask your server for a to-go container for any part of your meal.

Buffets – It is never appropriate behavior to take to-go food from a buffet. Buffets are “on-site consumption” only. If you want something from a buffet to-go, ask your server if you can purchase the item. They might be happy to wrap something up for you, especially if you have offered to pay for it. 

If you have questions about what's appropriate while on tour, consult your Tour Director.