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What accommodations are provided for Passengers of Size?

Sports Leisure Vacations recognizes the importance of safe and comfortable seating for all travelers while on tour. Travelers who are unable to sit comfortably within the space provided by your seat when the armrests are in the down position are asked to book the adjacent seat when making reservations. The fee for the additional seat is a variable portion of the tour price and will be calculated at the time of the reservation. In the event the tour is not sold out, the cost of the second seat will be refunded upon the tour’s conclusion. Travel can be denied on the day of departure if the traveler of size is unwilling to purchase an additional seat, cannot fit safely in their assigned seat without infringing on the space of the adjacent traveler, and/or the tour is sold out and no other options are available. Travelers of size are encouraged to notify the office at the point of reservation.