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I have some trouble walking long distances. Will I be able to participate and enjoy the trip?

In order to get full value from a travel experience, it is important to be in good mental and physical health. Walking and some step-climbing are necessary to participate in the normal activities of our vacations. While we can do almost everything for you on a Sports Leisure vacation, the Tour Director cannot provide sustained attention to individual clients. Please be advised that we visit many cultural sites on tour, not all of which meet A.D.A. requirements due to their historic status.

Let us assure you that people with mobility restrictions are welcome on our vacations. Many of our travelers are over 70 (or even 80 or 90), something we keep in mind when planning our itineraries. In our office, the Tour Planner for each departure knows the itinerary well and would be happy to consult with you personally should you have questions regarding the amount of walking, elevations, etc., on a particular trip.

Each vacation is rated according to our Activity Meter. Look for the code assigned to the trip and if you have additional questions or concerns, consult with the Tour Planner regarding the specific itinerary.