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How does your company deal with "chronic complainers?"

One or two can ruin a trip for all. Sports Leisure Vacations reserves the right not to accept or retain anyone whose lack of personal hygiene or poor general behavior, in the opinion of the Tour Director, impedes the operation of the tour and/or affects the rights of other travelers. A refund of unused tour services is the limit of our liability if a person is required to leave the tour for the reasons stated above. Said passenger(s) will be responsible for any additional costs to return to the city of origin.

We want to learn, discover and have fun together. Our groups are often complimented on their positive attitude by tourism professionals and other travelers who encounter us on the road. Life is too short for making yourself and others around you miserable due to small challenges that are bound to occur. Travel is by nature an inexact science. Problem travelers will kindly be asked to find another company with whom to travel.

And that’s the Sports Leisure Difference…