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Spring Training


The Cactus League in Arizona with the Giants and A’s, great dining, baseball speakers


It's something a small group of us have done pretty much every year for a while. Sort of a rite of spring. We go to Arizona, sit in the shade, and watch the new baseball season come to life. For many reasons, it's a special time of the year. Maybe you’ve thought about making the pilgrimage to Spring Training, the Cactus League. Your story is not new. Once you actually go to Spring Training, like many of us, you’ll likely be hooked and return many times.

For a baseball fan, the spring games are special. Every team is undefeated. You watch as the Giants, A’s and other teams start to put together the players which will begin the season only a few weeks later. You’ll perhaps wonder why it took you so long to get here. You’ll partake in the Sunday buffet at the Wrigley Mansion, enjoy the view and the grub at Rustler’s Roost, and learn a little at our Baseball Roundtable.

Our Baseball Banquet features a guest speaker with stories to bring a smile to any fan. A baseball old-timer, a player (or former player), manager or front office official joins us. 

The parks are small, our seats generally in the shade (amazing how important that little detail is) and the atmosphere is casual and friendly. Our group will number 15-25.

Most teams put their tickets on sale November 1, so it is important to register before that date, so we can get you the best possible seating. Those registering by November 1 are guaranteed space. Spring games (particularly the shaded seats we covet) often sell out quickly. Those calling after November 1 are on a space-available basis. Once the schedule is announced, we will forward the game schedule. Generally, we make the Giants our first choice, the A's our second. The schedule will include a total of five games.



Daily Itinerary

Generally games are during the day, but increasingly teams are scheduling games under the lights. We won’t know how many day/night games are on our itinerary until the schedule is finalized, but the weather is warm, so early evening games aren't an issue.

We have a convenient location between all eight parks, just north of the airport. No park is more than an hour from our headquarters. Enjoy a great buffet breakfast every morning (except Sunday, when we do brunch at the Wrigley Mansion) at the beautifully refurbished Marriott Hotel Phoenix Airport.

Daily Itinerary Meal Legend
CBContinental Breakfast
BGenerally a limited buffet or menu
FBFull buffet or choice of menu
BRBrunch, often buffet-style
LLunch, often several menu options
HT or ATHigh or Afternoon Tea
DDinner, often several menu options


Thursday, March 10, 2022 to Monday, March 14, 2022

5 Days, 7 Meals

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