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South Dakota’s National Treasures


Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Badlands National Park


  • Visit Mt. Rushmore, both during the day and at night, for a patriotic tribute to the United States
  • Experience the grandeur of the Crazy Horse Memorial as you stand atop the carving
  • Thrill to the beauty of the Black Hills as you ride in jeeps in Custer State Park
  • See the production of legendary Black Hills Gold jewelry with an opportunity to shop
  • Uncover prehistoric fossils at The (Wooly) Mammoth Archeological Site
  • “Meet” Wild West Outlaws in Deadwood



Daily Itinerary

Day 1

Fly to Rapid City with lunch upon arrival. The Journey Museum gives a comprehensive overview of the Black Hills and early inhabitants. This area is where distinctive Black Hills Gold jewelry is produced…and sold. Wink, wink! Spend the night surrounded by limestone bluffs at the beautiful and relaxing Spearfish Canyon Lodge. (L) 

Day 2

Step back in time to the wild, Wild West in Deadwood. Wild Bill Hickok met his fate here while playing poker. Safe to say it was not a winning hand. After lunch, tour the cemetery to hear tales of the outlaws that once ran this town. At Tatanka: Story of the Bison, you’ll be amazed at the huge bronze sculptures depicting buffalo hunts. Learn how Native Americans revered the majestic creatures that played an integral role in their survival. The Homestake Mine produced over 41 MILLION ounces of gold! Exhibits and educational presentations will tell you all about it. Eureka! Mt. Rushmore Resort at Palmer’s Lodge (FB,L)

Day 3

The wooly mammoth once roamed across the northern United States. The Mammoth Site is a collection of over 100 gigantic prehistoric wooly mammoth fossils. What a sight! At Custer State Park see the wildlife that calls it home today as you traverse the rolling hills by jeep. This is where buffalo roam and antelope play! Lunch is included at the lodge. Dinner is on your own back in Rapid City. Courtyard by Marriott – 3 nights (FB,L)

Day 4

The Black Hills are sacred to the Lakota Sioux. Today they are home to monumental tributes to both the leaders of the United States and the Sioux Nation. Mt. Rushmore celebrates the birth, growth and tribulations of a young country. You’ll visit twice! Once during daylight hours, then return to see it illuminated at night with a patriotic and rousing program. Crazy Horse, a monument still in the making, pays homage to the leader of the Sioux. Both monuments are breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Stand on Crazy Horse’s outstretched arm and peer out over his peoples’ lands. (FB,D)

Day 5

The Badlands don’t quite live up to their name. Though rough and rugged, the beauty of the terrain is indescribable. Come see for yourself. You’ll surely agree. Wall has really made a name for itself. Once a small stopover town it is now a booming not-to-be-missed attraction. Have lunch on your own here. Perhaps try buffalo burger, fresh homemade donuts and a cup of 5-cent coffee! Return to Rapid City and freshen up for a farewell dinner in town. (FB,D)

Day 6

You’ve seen all the best of the region, but you haven’t seen Rapid City. Since its founding in the 1800s, it has been a center for commerce, culture, transportation and education. Your guide will give you the details. Who is that on the corner? And that corner? Life-size bronze statues of past presidents dot the sidewalks. Fancy a picture with FDR? That can be arranged! After lunch, say goodbye to the wide-open space and catch your flight home. (FB,L)

Daily Itinerary Meal Legend
CBContinental Breakfast
BGenerally a limited buffet or menu
FBFull buffet or choice of menu
BRBrunch, often buffet-style
LLunch, often several menu options
HT or ATHigh or Afternoon Tea
DDinner, often several menu options


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