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Wild and Woolly, It’s Just Fun, Fun – A Mystery Tour Revisited


Going back to a place we’ve been before on a Mystery Trip.

Daily Itinerary

For those of you looking for clues, there are not one but two, right there in the title! This is a regional trip, so while we are flying to our destination, we aren’t crossing the mighty Mississippi. Or the Missouri River either, for that matter. But wait, our trip does have a tie to Missouri. Well maybe not a tie, perhaps an entire suit!

Why would we return to the site of a previous Mystery Tour? Has that ever happened before? Second question first. Yes, it has. This is the third Mystery Tour Revisited. Has to be an area we haven’t been to since the original tour. Has to have been well received (strong ratings on evaluations) the first time. The itinerary should offer a variety of attractions, since people have different interests and on a Mystery Tour, you can’t check out the offerings ahead of time. Indeed, we’ve found the location we’ve described.

What if a small town created a scavenger hunt in its shops, just for us? There’s a mission walk and a historic train depot, a tour that dips into the underground and lunch at a café made famous by beer. Not necessarily the beer it serves…

Meet a cowboy, taste some chocolate and be “charmed” along the way.

Daily Itinerary Meal Legend
CBContinental Breakfast
BGenerally a limited buffet or menu
FBFull buffet or choice of menu
BRBrunch, often buffet-style
LLunch, often several menu options
HT or ATHigh or Afternoon Tea
DDinner, often several menu options


Sunday, May 19, 2019 to Friday, May 24, 2019

6 Days, 11 Meals

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