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No One EVER Goes There


A California (?) Mystery Tour


Standing in the parking lot on his scouting trip, Tyler asks the ranger about bus parking. “We haven’t had a bus here in 4 to 5 years,” came the reply. When Tyler reported in from the road, I told him, “that answer confirms we found the right place. No one goes there.” So where can this place be? There is a National Park Service site, a BIG piece of history, a natural spot to visit before the season actually starts, a spectacular set of waterfalls, a lovely golf resort on the edge of the woods to stay at/in for three nights (it has a wonderful restaurant). Don’t worry, once you get there, no one will take you away. Besides, they would never find you underground. Enjoy 8 meals, door-to-door service and all-coach travel (no air). Perhaps one of the best values of the 2021 season.




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