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It’s a KVIE Mystery Daytrip


You’re invited to a day of going behind-the-scenes to see the magic in the making. 30 travelers will be invited to actively participate in an unforgettable experience...


You are all aware of Sports Leisure’s long support of Sacramento’s Public Television Station, KVIE, because you’re the ones who make it possible! KVIE is a dynamic community resource, consistently leading the network in membership, awards and locally-produced productions. It is something we as locals should be VERY proud of!

A few clues: This tour will not visit the station. You will be outside most of the day (though there will be shelter and restrooms when required) and you could get a little dirty. Comfortable, athletic/casual attire is suggested… that which you might wear for yoga or a day at the gym. There might be a clue in there somewhere. This is a chance to let the kid in you shine through – yes, that’s a clue, too. And who knows, you just might be discovered and find your way into a starring role! Lunch and refreshments are included. Curious? Then call and sign up today. Strictly limited to 44 travelers of which 30 will be actively participating



Pickup Points

Since pickup times vary from trip to trip, please consult the trip-specific timed itinerary that is sent to you when you book. A detailed description of where each stop is located is also included with those documents. The motorcoach will make stops at all the locations, and upon returning to Sacramento, will drop you off in reverse order.

Day Trips Headed Westbound from Sacramento (SF, Napa, etc) and Eastbound on I-80 (Reno):

  • Citrus Heights at Antelope Rd & Lichen Dr
  • Arden Area
  • Downtown Sacramento

Day Trips Headed Eastbound on the Hwy 50 Corridor (Tahoe, Sierra Foothills):

  • Downtown Sacramento
  • Arden Area
  • Sports Leisure Office at 9812 Old Winery Pl (Near Hwy 50 & Bradshaw)

We do not share specific pickup information on our website, as we have found over the years that other travel groups tend to use our pickup points without ours or the property owner's permission, which reflects poorly on our company and hurts our ability to offer convenient pickup points to our clients. Accordingly, we ask that you not suggest our pickup points to other groups you travel with, as "the more the merrier" does not often apply to parking lots. Your understanding is appreciated.


Friday, April 5, 2019

1 Day

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