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Do I need to worry about airline baggage charges?

As each airline has different policies regarding luggage and associated charges, you may expect rules and restrictions (number of bags allowed, weight, etc.) to vary from trip to trip. You have this Sports Leisure promise: You will never pay to check your first bag on any flight on a U.S. airline. Should you wish to bring a second checked bag, please be prepared to pay your Tour Director at check-in. Second bag charges are not limited to airline fees and may include other handlers such as hotel bellmen. The Tour Planner can advise you of additional charges by calling the office in advance of your departure. You might also find the airline’s website helpful.

Each checked bag has a strict weight limit of 40 or 50 pounds (depending on the trip). Bags weighing more will incur additional fees or be rejected. This policy applies throughout the tour. Many “wheelie” bags and oversized carry-ons that fit in airline overhead bins cannot be accommodated within the cabin of the motorcoach. In such cases, you will be asked to check them coachside with your Tour Director. They will be tagged and available coachside at each overnight stop.